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Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG6900A Series

Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG6900A Series With Direct Digital Synthesis technique (DDS)large scale integrated circuits and soft-core embedded system (SOPC), TFG6900A series are of the excellent technical performances and powerful function characteristics which are necessary for the fast measurement. TFT-LCD interface can show the illustration of output waveform and parameters. Keypads and knob are convenient for operation.

    Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG6900A Series FEATURES

    4.3鈥橦igh resolution TFT LCD display

    Two independent channels output, same characteristic

    1渭Hz frequency resolution for whole range

    120 MSa/s sampling rate, 14 bits vertical resolution

    5 standard waveforms, 50 built-in and 5 user-defined arbitrary waveforms

    FM, AM, PM, PWM, Sum, FSK, BPSK and SUM Modulation, sweep and burst function

    Channel coupling and combine features on CHB

    Build in 350MHz frequency counter

    Arbitrary Waveform Edit PC Software

    Standard interface: USB Host, USB Device and RS-232

    Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG6900A Series SPECIFICATIONS

    RangeSine1渭Hz ~ 10MHz1渭Hz ~ 20MHz1渭Hz ~ 30MHz1渭Hz ~ 40MHz1渭Hz ~ 60MHz
    Square, Pulse1渭Hz ~ 10MHz
    others1渭Hz ~ 5MHz
    TypeStandardSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise
    Arbitrary50 built-in waveforms + 5 user-defined waveforms
    SineHarmonic Distortion-60dBc  F<5MHz-60dBc  F<5MHz
    -50dBc  F5MHz-50dBc  F<30MHz

    -45dBc  F30MHz
    Total Distortion0.1%  (20Hz to 20kHz, 20Vpp)
    SquareEdge Time20ns
    PulseOvershoot 10%

    Duty Cycle0.1% to 99.9% 

    Pulse Width50ns to 2000s
    RampSymmetry0.0% to 100.0%
    ArbitraryLength4096 points
    Sampling Rate120 MSa/s
    Vertical Resolution14 bits (CHA); 10bits (CHB)
    Filter Bandwidth50MHz
    Non-Volatile Memory5
    RangeFrequency20MHz0.1mVpp to 10Vpp(50惟)  0.2mVpp to 20Vpp(Open circuit)

    Frequency>20MHz0.1mVpp to 7.5Vpp(50惟)  0.2mVpp to 15Vpp(Open circuit)
    Resolution50惟1mVpp (Amplitude1Vpp)     0.1mVpp(Amplitude<1Vpp)

    Open Circuit2mVpp (Amplitude2Vpp)     0.2mVpp(Amplitude<2Vpp)
    Accuracy(at 1kHz, 0V offset)卤(1% of setting1mVpp)
    Flatness (relative to 100 kHz Sine)
    卤0.2dBm    frequency<5MHz
    卤0.3dBm    frequency<20MHz
    卤0.5dBm    frequency20MHz
    DC Offset (Ampl.   0.2mVpp)
    卤5Vdc (50惟), 卤10Vdc (High Z)
    卤(1% of setting+1mVdc)
    Modulation (CHA)
    FM,AM,Carrier WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc. (only Pulse for PWM
    PM,PWM,Modulating WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc.
    SUMModulating Frequency1渭Hz ~ 100kHz
    SourceInternal / External
    FSK,BPSKCarrier WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc.
    Hope Frequency1渭Hz ~ 10MHz1渭Hz ~ 20MHz1渭Hz ~ 30MHz1渭Hz ~ 40MHz1渭Hz ~ 60MHz
    Hope Rate1渭Hz ~ 100kHz
    SourceInternal / External
    Sweep (CHA)
    Carrier   WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc.
    Sweep ModeLinear or Logarithmic
    Sweep RangeWhole range
    Sweep Time5ms~500s
    List SweepLength: 600, Stop Time: 5ms to 500s, Hold Time: 0 to   500s
    SourceInternal, External and Manual
    Burst (CHA)
    Burst   WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc.
    Burst Count1 ~ 1000000
    Internal   Period1渭s ~ 500s
    Start/Stop   Phase0掳~ 360掳
    Trigger   SourceInternal, External, Manual
    Double Channels   Operation (CHB)
    Frequency   CouplingFrequency ratio, frequency difference
    Amplitude-Offset   CouplingAmplitude difference, offset difference
    Waveform   CombineCombine Amplitude 0%~100%
    SYNC Output
    Waveform   CharacteristicSquare, edge time 10ns
    Output Level5V (open circuit)     2.5V (50惟)
    Modulation and   Trigger Input
    Modulation   InputVoltage:卤5Vpp(full scale),Impedance:10k惟
    Trigger InputLevel:TTL, impedance:10k惟
    Frequency Counter
    Frequency   Range 0.01Hz ~ 350MHz, resolution: 6 digits/s
    Period,   Pulse Width100ns ~ 20s
    Duty Cycle1% ~ 99%
    Trigger Level-3V ~ 3V
    General   Characteristics
    PowerAC 100 ~ 240V, 45 ~ 65Hz, < 30VA
    Dimension   & Weight256脳102脳322 mm, Approx.3 kg

    Awg waveform generator Standard Accessories

    Power Cord

    Power Cord


    BNC Testing cable

    BNC Testing cable


    CD(Software+ User's Guide)



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